Wireless technologies

Train-to-ground and onboard wireless connectivity technologies for versatile Gigabit train and In-train connectivity applications.

Wireless communication is an elemental part of any modern transport solution. Our innovative wireless technologies enable rapid and reliable real-time connectivity, enhanced services, and a wider range of automatic operations that are optimised in every part of your transport system. Our wireless offload technology ensures the fast and reliable transmission of recorded onboard CCTV content between on-board and stations.

Train-to-ground transmission

Our advanced train-to-ground technology enables features such as automatic and manual offload of the video, live view and playback of video recordings, automatic updates and version control of the train software from the wayside and diagnostics of onboard CCTV system.

  • Live camera view with 24/7 access: real-time monitoring and access to the on-board video recording system that guarantees complete situational awareness and optimise the safety an security of passengers and operations
  • Wireless link as part of our video management system: wireless access even to fast moving trains allowing live view of the on-board scenes

Crew Wi-Fi and infotainment services

Fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection enables seamless train intranet access for onboard personnel, and ensures easy management of the entire on-board system. Our scalable and robust technologies enable the delivery value-adding information, news and advertisements utilising a wide range of video and audio formats supported. Information can be streamed from external sources or triggered from a local media database.

Connectivity at stations and depots

To achieve complete integration between on-board and station systems, we also offers different wireless technologies to transfer different passenger information, diagnostics and any operational information between stations and trains. The complete integration enables automatic features that increase the cost-efficiency of the system and reduce manual maintenance work, including the automatic detection of faults and trains, the configuration and modification of on-board para-meters, the acquisition of train history, and automatic announcements.

Wireless offload for transmission of mobile recordings

Teleste's patended wireless offload technology allows you to ensure the fast and reliable transmission of recorded content between on-board and stations. The technology allows different options for transmitting recorded content.

Features and benefits:

  • 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as a robust design that is especially suited to rail environments
  • Verified and validated offload of recorded data with superior error tolerance
  • Superior performance capacity for transmitting, e.g., full HD video
  • Scalable and modular architecture that can easily be tailored to customer-specific requirements
  • All-in-one or stand-alone solutions that are fit for both renovations and new builds

Transmission options:

  • Automated offload can be used when the train/tram/metro stops at the station: The offload starts automatically when the rail car stops at a station, and data is transmitted as long as the wireless network is available.
  • On-demand offload makes it possible to offload selected on-board content. The on-demand offload can be triggered manually or by events in the video management system.

Revolutionarising connectivity through 5G

The 5G technology offers huge potential for the public transport from fully-connected travel experiences to monitoring moving vehicles and other operational conditions in real-time.

Teleste is actively involved in several projects and initiatives revolving around the 5G to drive realising the full potential of the technology. Please follow the links below for more information:

  • 5G Momentum: Innovating for 5G in Finland
  • 5G Test Network Finland: Open and evolving innovation ecosystem supporting 5G and beyond
  • 5G RAIL EU: Launched in 2020, the project drives utilisation of 5G within the railway industry
  • ETSI: Building on key technologies for 5G
  • LuxTurrim5G: Ecosystem driving for new digital smart city services enabled by 5G

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