Strategy and values

We make your every day life safe, smart and smooth. Our vision is to be the best partner for networked society.

Teleste is part of a global shift into a new era.

We are shaping the future by providing smarter, safer and smoother solutions for people and society.  Our inspiring challenge is to support the ongoing digital and social changes around the world - to make the world a better place for us all.

We combine innovation and experience into the best solutions for our customers. Our offering includes video, information and broadband technologies as well as related services for operators and the public sector.

Teleste’s most important megatrends can be identified in everyday life. Video and digital data transfer are breaking over to new areas as people are using more and more video both at work and during their leisure time. Similarly, the need to ensure people’s safety and fulfil their needs for information are increasing. To meet these needs, new technologies and solutions are emerging and driving the market.

Visit our Investors section to read more about Teleste's business areas as well as strategy and megatrends behind it.


Values we believe in

Customer Centricity
We are proud of our dedication to our customers and find working with them very inspiring. Customer satisfaction is the basis of our existence.

We treat each other, our customers and suppliers with openness, respect and fairness. A relaxed and open atmosphere contributes to everyone’s well-being.

We rely on our colleagues and our customers can rely on us. Trusting and being trusted welds our team together.

Result Orientation
We develop creative solutions from ideas to reality. Profitability keeps the company strong and will allow us to continue doing great things for years to come.