Teleste invests in the growing US broadband market by creating a joint venture with Antronix

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Teleste has created a joint venture with the US company Antronix to promote sales of the companies’ broadband network products for North-American cable operators. The new company operates under the name Teleste Intercept LLC and it will start its operation during 2017.

The joint venture builds on Teleste’s strong technology expertise and leading access network offering, as well as on Antronix’s well established position as a technology vendor for the major cable operators in the United States. With its size, the US market accounts for the most significant cable infrastructure market in the world.

Teleste and Antronix have complementary product lines, and the companies expect to generate positive synergy by promoting them together. With its target markets in the United States and Canada, the joint venture will focus on enhancing the offering of Teleste’s broadband network products fitted to the local requirements as well as on Antronix’s fibre optics products designed for cable broadband networks.

Teleste owns 60% of shares in the joint venture. Business turnover is expected in 2018 and it is forecasted to grow significantly in the following years.

”Cooperation with Antronix offers Teleste an excellent opportunity to provide its innovative, DOCSIS® 3.1-compliant broadband solutions for the North American cable operators. The cable TV and broadband markets in the North America are going through a rapid technology change and their considerable growth potential opens opportunities for new products and vendors to enter the market. Teleste’s innovations and intelligent network solutions have been designed for the highly advanced European market requirements, and we believe that they will also offer significant options for North American operators to improve competitiveness of their broadband services”, shared Jukka Rinnevaara, CEO of Teleste.

Creating the joint venture follows Teleste’s strategy to fit its offering of broadband network products for the North-American markets, and enables the company to strengthen its position as a leading international provider and developer of broadband technologies. Previously, Teleste has made significant product development with its DOCSIS 3.1-compliant network products, and the company’s current offering covers all parts of the broadband network from headend to home.

Antronix is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of broadband products in North America. The company’s innovative products – multi-taps, optical nodes, residential amplifiers, line passives, subscriber passives, and grounding hardware - have set industry benchmarks for cutting-edge technology and performance for more than 30 years. Technologically advanced solutions and enhancements like the Antronix E-Option multi-tap reverse signal conditioning plug-ins provide a cost-effective solution for bringing legacy systems into DOCSIS 3.1 compliance. Every Antronix product is engineered for quality, flexibility, and value-added ownership to help customers provide superior service to their subscribers. More information:


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