Video security partners

The program for Teleste's video security partners is targeted at VARs who have been identified as having the greatest potential to maximize the business opportunities in a wide range of CCTV markets focusing on video transmission, management and recording solutions.

Teleste video security partners are focused on the sale of complex CCTV systems for mid-range and high-end segment of CCTV applications. The Teleste partner program is aimed at supporting sales to these two segments and all partners should work at least in the mid-range segment, and preferably in the high-end segment of CCTV. High-end segment includes CCTV applications e.g. for airports, industrial sites, military and boarder guard, public space monitoring (e.g. city center monitoring), rail, road and undergrounds.

Teleste offers video management, IP and analogue transmission, recording products and system integration services as well as planning, commissioning and maintenance services to the high-end (and mid-range) CCTV segments. Find out more information about our product offering.

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