New firmware available for DAH100 mini-CMTS

  • mini-CMTS

As a major part of our ongoing commitment to delivering the very best Ethernet over Coax experience with our DAH100 mini-CMTS, our engineers and R&D at our Finland factory have been very busy over the winter, developing and refining a significant new firmware release, which is now available for all DAH100 owners and users with SLA from Teleste Support. The new firmware version is 3.8.8.

One of the key features of our DAH mini-CMTS, has always been its easy to operate graphical user interface, and once again we have pushed this to a new higher level, with improved graphics for the signal level and quality histograms, making them easier to read, as well as adding the downstream level and signal to noise ratio values for all the connected modems, for the very first time.

Even more functions from our extensive set of CLI commands have been added to the graphical interface, so that the user experience is further improved for those not so comfortable working in CLI.

If you ever require tech support, then you will be speaking directly to our factory team in Finland, who are in an office just above the factory floor, and this team really know the product right down to a bits and bytes level, so to make the process even smarter and smoother, we have taken the unusual step of turning some of the signal value information, which was previously only seen graphically, back into CLI text. The result of this for our users is that no longer will you need to send any screen shots of the upstream noise spectrum, with your tech support file.

In addition to all of this ‘headline’, activity there has been stability improvements made in 3.8.8, which squash some minor bugs and further improve the running efficiency of our mini-CMTS for everyone. I would urge everyone to take advantage of this new release.

Many of our users will be operating the Ruckus C110 DOCSIS AP, and in 3.8.8 we have made some improvements to the configuration and setup when adding C110’s to the DOCSIS network.

As always, we have produced a comprehensive set of release notes, that give a lot more detail of the hard work that has been done, and this document is available from MyTeleste Extranet.

While our R&D team has a big ling task list on their whiteboard, we are still very much focussed on feedback and information from our users. So if you have questions or wish to discuss any aspects of our product, we would love to hear from you.