Teleste and Iskratel bring to market an easy and powerful option for last mile broadband

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Combining GPON and DOCSIS® technologies, the solution enables a fast and economical way to deliver high-speed broadband services to consumers.

Turku, Finland –  16 February 2017 – Teleste Corporation, an international technology group specialised in broadband video and data communication systems and services, today announced a proof of concept (PoC) created with Iskratel, the leading European provider of infocommunications solutions. It aims at bringing to market a new solution for the delivery of Internet-based broadband services that combines Iskratel’s GPON technology with Teleste’s DOCSIS-based mini-CMTS, called the DAH (DOCSIS Access Hub).

The solution enables operators to utilise the existing last mile coax cabling as an extension of their fibre networks.

“Teleste recognises the potential of DOCSIS used together with GPON in providing operators with a way to connect new customers to their high-speed networks. The last mile fibre is typically expensive and time-consuming to build, especially in brownfield areas. Where coax cabling is available, utilising the hybrid fibre-coax infrastucture provides operators with a means to optimize the costs and time to market when expanding the multi-gigabit networks” told Olli Leppänen, Vice President of Distributed Access for Teleste.

Fibre to the home (FTTH) is a target for access infrastructure providers, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution to broadband deployment. The hybrid solutions with GPON and DOCSIS technologies create a highly viable option for meeting the consumer demand for increasingly faster Internet connections and reliable, versatile services. Both GPON and DOCSIS offer roadmaps to support the future development of the two technologies combined.

At Iskratel, we have always been committed to providing smooth migration from the existing to the most up-to-date FTTH networks. We are pleased that with Teleste’s DOCSIS products, we are able to offer the operators a combined fibre–coax solution that represents a safe step on their sustainable journey to a fibre-based future,” said Jernej Roblek, Director of Customer Solution Management at Iskratel. “However, this is just the first technological step. In the future, the combinations of NGPON and new DOCSIS technologies will continue to play an important role on the path towards pure-fibre networks.”

A plug & play way to triple-play services

Consumer expectations of triple-play services tend to be extremely high, with cost, convenience and speed among the top criteria for buying services.

A major benefit of combining GPON and DOCSIS technologies is that it allows a fast and economical way to deliver fibre-level broadband connections inside buildings with a level of service that equals using fibre all the way.

Operators can now utilise the Iskratel SI3000 Lumia as GPON OLT and Teleste’s DAH as GPON ONU products to deploy a true plug & play way to triple-play services. One DAH makes it possible to bring the IP network to every apartment in a building using the existing coax cabling, and once a DOCSIS cable modem has been connected to the network, the services start running immediately.

This significantly reduces the time and costs of the deployment and enables gigabit speeds to the subscribers.

The solution also fits into locations where drawing new cables is not be possible, which is often the case e.g. in many European historical buildings and city centres.

In addition, both GPON and DOCSIS are based on proven, widely utilised standards-based technologies, creating a reliable and future-proof way to network upgrades for operators. DOCSIS is a widely deployed broadband technology globally. It already delivers fibre-level speeds today and offers a clear roadmap towards symmetrical 10 Gbps services.

We invite you to find out more about the solution at the FTTH Conference 2017 that is taking place from 14 to 16 February in Marseille, France. You can find Teleste at stand S22 and Iskratel at stand S14. More information about Teleste’s presence at FTTH is available here. For more information about Iskratel, please visit


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