Teleste focuses on flexible TV delivery solutions for the hospitality industry at ISE 2017

As TV and video services still hold their importance in delighting guests, delivering a reliable and consistent in-room experience is becoming a ‘must have’ for the hospitality industry today. At ISE 2017 we will introduce our latest solutions for more flexible TV delivery that makes providing premium TV and video services to guests simple and cost-efficient.

We invite you to learn more about our HDTV & High-Speed Internet Access solutions for the hospitality industry at Stand 1-Q65.

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Teleste hospitality solution


Deliver IPTV to guest rooms over aerial cables

Together with Samsung Electronics, we have created an all-IP HTV solution that allows you to deliver High-Speed Internet and IPTV direct to your guests using only the existing TV aerial (coax) cables. The solution gives you all the benefits of a newly installed data cable network, but with none of the time, cost and building infrastructure issues associated with pulling new cable.

The solution utilizes our DAH100 mini-CMTS located on the premises to handle the broadband network and a Samsung HE694 Series Hospitality TV in each guest room to provide services to the guests. One DAH100 can serve the entire hotel; and as the cable modems are readily built into the Samsung HE694 TV sets, there is no need to equip the rooms with any additional hardware. This makes installing the solution quick and easy. It will take only a few days to carry fibre-level broadband connections to guest rooms.

Let your guests enjoy premium TV services

At ISE 2017, we are pleased to introduce integration of the Pro:Idiom content protection system, developed by LG, to our Teleste Luminato headend. Pro:Idiom® is the most widely deployed Digital Rights Management system in the worldwide hospitality industry today.

Integration with the Luminato headend provides hoteliers with a simple way to provide premium TV content to guests. All that is needed are hospitality-grade TV sets with support for Pro:Idiom in guest rooms and a single Luminato headend serving the entire hotel. There is no need to invest in additional set-top boxes in guest rooms in order to decrypt the protected signal.

Teleste Luminato headend-in-a-box

Teleste Luminato headend is your asset in keeping the leading edge in hospitality industry service standards. The versatile and powerful headend makes it simple and easy to offer guests an enjoyable in-room experience and the ‘better than home’ feel today’s travellers are expecting.

The Luminato provides a cost-effective solution for live content processing of OTT and/or IPTV delivery. A fully equipped Luminato manages hundreds of free and scrambled TV channels with an EPG, all while consuming less than 100 watts of power. It is a modular platform with hot-swappable modules which can be replaced without any interruptions to the user’s service.

At ISE 2017, we will showcase our new bulk descrambler module to the Luminato which offers an effective and inexpensive cardless alternative for CI-based descramblers: a smart choice without smart cards. A fully equipped Luminato bulk descrambler can decrypt a 2 Gbit/s payload comprising up to 300 streams.

The best content delivery solutions from our partners

We also offer professional installers and integrators the very best audio-visual, home automation and signal distribution equipment available today. As part of our offering, we will highlight at ISE 2017:

  • Ruckus Zoneflex c110: The Zoneflex C110 combines a Wave 2 access point, a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem and an Ethernet switch to deliver wired and wireless connectivity over a coaxial cable infrastructure. When used with a Teleste DAH, the C110 can be installed at every TV point on a property, enabling the coax cable to deliver high-speed Ethernet data without interfering with existing TV signals.
  • HDB3000 from Zeevee:  The HDbridge3000 provides a highly flexible, incredibly reliable and simple to use solution for delivering HD and SD video simultaneously over RF and IP networks, all within a compact 3RU footprint.


Welcome to visit us at the show! You can also find more information about our presence at the show on our web page.


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Pro:Idiom® is a registered trademark of Zenith Electronics LLC.