Teleste introduces ICON9000, a new Intelligent Remote PHY node for the North American cable broadband market

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Due to its rich features and strong focus on reducing manual maintenance, this 1.2 GHz node is shortlisted for BTR Diamond Awards 2017.

Turku, Finland – 29 September 2017 – Teleste Corporation launches a new, intelligent connected optical node that is designed to meet the standards and requirements of distributed network architectures. The new node, called ICON9000, provides operators with all the benefits of Teleste’s Intelligent Networks while allowing a seamless and flexible transition to digital fiber deep solutions. Confirming its innovativeness and quality, the node has already been nominated to the BTR Diamond Awards 2017 shortlist.

ICON9000 will be showcased for the first time at the SCTE-ISBE Cable-TEC Expo 2017 by Teleste Intercept -  a Teleste Antronix joint venture. Come meet our team at Booth #177, October 17-20, in Denver, USA.

The broadband industry faces many pressures to deliver high-quality networks that are dependable and efficient,” said Tom Gorman, program chair for the Diamond Technology Review Program. “Teleste’s ICON9000 node truly impressed judges with its ability to respond to network issues, support Remote PHY and extend bandwidth. Our judges believe that this node should get a lot of attention at EXPO.

The winners of the BTR Diamond Awards 2017 will also be announced during the show. More information about ICON9000 is available on our web pages or through Teleste Intercept’s website.

“During the last ten years, we have developed solutions to utilize intelligence in broadband networks and their management. Today, our intelligent fiber nodes are used by all major operators in almost every country in Europe, and we have shipped them as 1.2 GHz devices in large volumes since 2014. Intelligent technologies will continue to increase their impact on how future broadband services are implemented. And new paradigms, such as our ICONTM platform, will be needed to help operators streamline their operations and improve customer service, resulting in lower churn, ” highlights Hanno Narjus, Senior Vice President of Network Products for Teleste.

A 24/7 probe in your cable network

ICON9000 provides network operators with several tools to implement intelligent network maintenance. It is capable of delivering future-proof, high-quality services and performing a number of tasks that have traditionally required a lot of manual maintenance work and cabinet visits. This, in turn, improves reliability, cuts down truck rolls, increases service uptime and customer satisfaction and eventually reduces operational costs.

ICON9000 can act as a 24/7 probe in a cable network, allowing operators to pinpoint network problems and identify their exact sources. There is no more need for truck rolls when searching for sources of ingress. Not only does ICON9000 tell the operator where failures are located, it also features an automatic ingress switch in every RF port for isolating network problems before they spread in the network and affect a large number of subscribers.

In addition to automatic functionalities, ICON9000 supports bidirectional communication with the management software enabled by an optional transponder unit. The unit makes it possible to monitor and control the node remotely to gather information about device and network status and perform versatile management tasks. If needed, unidirectional remote communication can also be established over the Remote Ingress Switching (RIS) protocol.

When on site, automatic alignments make installing ICON9000 extremely simple, as  it can be done by non-CATV technicians, who only need to push a button and wait until the node aligns itself. In addition, the node can be locally managed through a USB port and an Android application. The electrical controls also eliminate all logistical hassles caused by wrong plug-in modules, and they maintain ideal performance even when the outdoor temperature changes.

Besides being an excellent 1.2 GHz optical fiber node, ICON9000 allows operators to utilize its Remote PHY capability when additional data transmission capacity and distributed network solutions are needed. Enabling more advanced modulation methods due to digital fiber links, the Remote PHY technology offers operators a way to increase capacity and extend the usefulness of their coax networks to answer the growing data transmission needs. In addition, adopting distributed solutions makes it possible to take intelligence even deeper into networks to further improve service quality and reduce manual and laborious maintenance operations.

ICON9000 is the flagship of Teleste’s new ICONTM platform of network products designed for the North American cable broadband market and its requirements. More information about the platform and Teleste’s Intelligent Networks concept is available through our web site.

ICON(TM) is a trademark of Teleste Corporation.


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