Moving towards smart cities at TEKES’ 100 Lasissa! event

On Tuesday, December 12, hundreds of smart city experts gathered together in Helsinki, Finland, to talk about one of the hottest topics today: the impact of digitalization to the future of our cities. In the 100 Lasissa event, organized by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, TEKES, the discussion revolved around how the way we live in cities will be transformed by open data, fast and efficient networks, and what kind of new services they enable for the citizens. Development of digital cities will take the world to the fourth industrial revolution, argued Rajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia, in his inspirational talk to the event attendees.

Teleste participated in the event with the LuxTurrim5G project, which addresses current digital ecosystem challenges by means of smart light poles equipped with 5G capability and integrated sensors. In future, these light poles will enable high-speed communications throughout the urban space, and provide open interfaces for service platforms of operators, micro-operators and vertical industries.

Through the novel fast 5G networks, delivery of digital services such as video surveillance, weather and air quality monitoring, navigation, info sharing on active screens, and smart lighting will be available for the citizens directly on city streets. Teleste’s role in the project is to develop low maintenance displays and solutions for CCTV, delivery of information and advertisements.

LuxTurrim5G is driven by Nokia Bell Labs and it gathers together major Finnish companies and research institutes including Sitowise, Exel Composites, Premix, Lammin Windows and Doors, Vaisala, Indagon, C2 Smart Light, VTT, Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Aalto University and Spinverse. The project lives up to one of the most important aspects of smart cities: service creation through collaboration. A successful smart city will break down silos between various stakeholders, and new kinds of ecosystems will be created through participation and transparency.

Although smart cities are largely inspired by new technologies, they are in fact all about people and how digital services can make our daily lives safer and smoother. At the 100 Lasissa! event, we were able to see a comprehensive set of innovative smart city solutions from Finland – together with people and teams determined to create urban environments where technology can help people thrive.

The LuxTurrim5G project on stage at the 100 Lasissa event