Improving workflow and customer experience in Norway

Improving operations sometimes goes hand in hand with building a smoother customer experience, especially when we are talking about one of the most important customer touchpoints: home installations at customer premises.

Together with a fibre-to-the-home provider, Altibox and some of our other customers in Norway, Teleste’s team developed an innovative FTTH fibre outlet which helps streamlining operations and makes installing fibre cabling easier and faster at homes. The outlet comes with an installation kit, which further improves installers’ workflow and makes it possible for the installers to spend less time hunting for the necessary equipment.

The installers can now spend more time assisting the customer and performing the actual installation work. As a result, customer satisfaction and the number of performed installations can both increase which is a true win-win situation for the end-customers as well as for the operators.

Our small installation kit has really made a big difference and has received a warm welcome from the installers.

Please visit the link to read how it was done.