Teleste launches a new broadband amplifier that allows remote hardware upgrades

  • ACE2 | Amplifier | 44 dB | GaN | 1.2 GHz/204 MHz
    ACE2 Amplifier ACE2 | Amplifier | 44 dB | GaN | 1.2 GHz/204 MHz

Press release

Teleste ACE2 is the first amplifier on the market that allows operators to upgrade their broadband networks to higher frequencies without laborous field upgrades. Offering more network capacity to your customers has never been easier!

Turku, Finland –  29 November 2016 – Today the Teleste Corporation announced the addition of a new amplifier to the company’s ACE family that includes compact and intelligent products for broadband networks. The newcomer, called ACE2, is the first amplifier on the market that allows operators to utilise remote updates when taking higher frequencies into use in their broadband networks. This makes it considerably faster and easier for operators to increase network capacity and offer faster Internet connections for their customers.

Deploying higher frequencies to broadband networks makes a great promise for consumers. Offering Internet speeds up to 10 Gbps, upgraded networks will enable the seamless delivery of services including UHD, OTT and cloud-based Internet of Things applications”,  shared Rami Kimari, Vice President of HFC Networks for Teleste. “As the leading provider of broadband network products in Europe, we at Teleste wish to make it as easy as possible for our operator customers to migrate to the higher frequencies. The ACE2 addresses this target by introducing new technology that allows operators to reduce the time-consuming manual work load typically involved in the upgrade projects.”

Teleste ACE2 steps up as the first amplifier on the market with remotely upgradeable frequency split. When an operator wishes to move on to higher-capacity networks in traditional broadband solutions, frequency split is done by changing diplexer filters and re-aligning the return path manually for each device. With often tens of thousands of network devices in the field, this is a process that requires a lot of time and field work. The work becomes even more laborious when the devices are difficult to reach, behind locked doors, or even in unknown locations.

The key in the ACE2 is Quattro technology, an innovative solution that enables two alternative diplexer filters in the input and output ports. An operator can switch remotely from one diplexer filter to the other and freely choose the right moment to apply the change. This makes upgrading networks very fast compared to traditional solutions. At the same time, service distruptions caused by the upgrade work for operators’ customers will be minimised.

Besides being smart in upgrades, the ACE2 also offers other intelligent features such as Remote Ingress Switching and automatic alignments, which increase service reliability and cut down operational costs over time. Additionally, eco-friedliness has been kept in mind, as the amplifier consumes little power despite its advanced functionalities. Please visit our webpage for more information about the ACE2’s features and its benefits.


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