Teleste at IBC2016: It is time to rethink your headend services!

As the consumption of video and TV services continues to expand, consumers' service expectations are becoming increasingly diversified. It is time to rethink headend services and find out how to best answer to the changing demand. 

At IBC2016, we will showcase our headend platform Teleste Luminato and the versatile opportunities it offers for developing your headend services. IBC2016 will take place in Amsterdam, 9–13 September 2016. We invite you to visit us at stand 5.C72 and find out how our solutions can help you make smart choices for your future headend services.

Content reception

The Teleste Luminato multi-receiver is a compact and multifunctional headend module for Cable TV and IPTV operators. The quad multi-standard receiver can be used to receive payload via satellite, terrestrial and cable networks and via IP inputs, either encrypted or free-to-air. All input alternatives are enabled with software and available without additional software keys or licenses.

Due to the advanced transport stream processing, the operator can select the services and components that are relevant for their network – either to save bandwidth or otherwise simplify the outgoing stream content.

Open application development

Our open-source application module, the Teleste Luminato headend, allows you to design headend applications for your unique requirements. Working on Linux OS, the module opens a whole new world for application development and enables you to build a broader range of headend services and technologies for your and your customers’ benefit.

At our stand we will present exciting use cases showing how our customers have utilized the application module in their own headend development.

Statistical multiplexing

As cable TV networks are running out of free frequencies due to the increasing number of TV channels, higher broadband speeds and new DOCSIS® standards, statistical multiplexing enables operators to optimize their bandwidth usage.

Utilizing the Teleste Luminato headend and Teleste Optimo, powered by Elemental Technologies and configured for statistical multiplexing, our solution allows operators to reach up to 20% higher bandwidth capacity while offering their customers more services and higher resolutions.

Content management

We will highlight two solutions for flexible content management and distribution:

  • Teleste's Ubique is a software framework for operators to manage all interactive and linear video services. With a special focus on video, it can be used to build tailored and comprehensive content management systems in a multivendor, multiscreen environment.
  • Teleste’s MAM enables operators to manage multimedia assets and build high-powered multimedia distribution. It allows flexible metadata schemas, advanced searches, efficient storage management and the optimal use of disk space when archiving the content.

Join Tech Talk with Teleste and Elemental!

On Sunday, 11 September, Teleste’s Vice President of Video Service Platforms Julius Tikkanen and Elemental’s Solutions Marketing Manager Dan Gehred will discuss the benefits of a unified headend and statistical multiplexing in cable networks. You are welcome to join the discussion at the Elemental and Amazon Web Services stand 5.C80 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Please, visit to read more about our IBC2016 activities.