Teleste’s new cable extender shortlisted for SCTE 2016 Technological Innovation Awards

We are pleased to announce that our Double Galvanic Isolated Multimedia Coaxial Cable Extender has been shortlisted for ‘Best CPE solution’ in 2016 Technological Innovation Awards by SCTE, the Society for Broadband Professionals. 

Teleste’s innovation, the double galvanic isolated multimedia coaxial cable extender, enables easier and faster new and retro-fit installations in comparison to the ‘old school’ wall outlet installations. It offers superior RF performance up to 2 GHz, and provides easy migration path to DOCSIS 3.1 and beyond.

Improved wall outlet system for faster and easier installations

The challenge with multimedia wall outlets is that the incoming coaxial cables are installed within the walls of the home, and in many cases they cannot be easily replaced if the cable connection is damaged. Current industry standard wall outlets are very difficult to fit the first time around, and even more difficult to retro-fit a second time as it is very easy to damage the cable when removing a wall outlet. Besides, if the cable requires re-prepping, it would be too short and installing a traditional wall outlet becomes nearly impossible.

In addition, many multimedia wall outlets have a RF loop through connection allowing wall outlets to be cascaded throughout the home. This of course doubles the risk of damaging a cable, as fitting two cables to a standard wall outlet is very difficult to start with.  Finally, making any wall outlet double galvanic isolated is a massive challenge, and generally makes current wall outlet housing deep and cumbersome.

Teleste’s double galvanic isolated multimedia coaxial cable extender supports both wall and surface mounting. In addition, it can fit to existing wall box plastics by using an innovative universal add-on front plastic module. Installation is simple and it is possible re-prep the coaxial cables and still fit the cable extender module, which is not possible with any current wall outlets.


SCTE will announce the award winners on 9 April 2016 in London. More information about the Technological Innovation Awards, and other SCTE activities, is available at