Teleste at ANGA COM 2016 - Proactive network maintenance keeps your services up and running at all times

Press release

The latest version of Teleste’s CATVisor Argus software helps control ingress and solve network issues automatically and proactively even before they emerge.

Turku, Finland – 2 June 2016 – Teleste Corporation, a leading provider of video and broadband technologies and related services, invites you to visit us at ANGA COM 2016 and find out how utilising the Teleste CATVisor Argus network management solution can help operators be proactive in network maintenance. Supporting features such as SmartRIS, Argus enables operators to maintain the health of their networks by solving ingress issues even before they emerge.

“Maintaining high service availability and fast broadband connections is essential for keeping today’s network subscribers satisfied. Achieving top service quality means solving issues such as network component failures, ingress in signal transmission and slow broadband before they affect consumer experience - or, better yet, such issues should be avoided altogether”, told Hanno Narjus, SVP of Network Producs for Teleste. ”As we at Teleste see it, network maintenance is most effective when taking place before any service issues have emerged - and that is what proactive network maintenance is all about.”

Holding the keys to network health

Teleste’s CATVisor Argus software provides operators a cost-effective and easy-to-use tool that helps them in maintaining the health of their network and in keeping their services up and running at all times. The software allows operators to “add” intelligence even to traditional network devices in order to monitor them and ensure that they keep operating around the clock as specified.

In addition to taking purely corrective steps, Argus enables operators to target network problems at a very early stage before they affect service quality. It allows setting device-specific thresholds and alerting relating to conditions that may degenerate system performance and cause device failures in the future. For example, detecting and analysing device-specific voltage level makes it possible to identify and replace faulty power units before they fail. Likewise, the aging of lasers can be indicated by monitoring laser bias current, and old lasers can be replaced when approaching end-of-life.

The latest version of Argus also introduces SmartRIS, an intelligent, automatic application within the Argus server. Designed to reduce the need for manual monitoring work, SmartRIS is used to detect sources of ingress in networks with the help of Teleste’s intelligent optical nodes. Once an ingress source is located, SmartRIS isolates it from the network by means of ingress switches.

Besides being the management tool for Teleste’s network devices, Argus also supports a wide variety of third-party products. Our vision is to develop it as a management platform covering products from headend to home. A recent extension to Argus is support for some Maxnet II modules from ATX Networks which can be used to build 4K QAM capable headends together with Teleste’s HDO products.

ANGA COM 2016 will take place 7-9 June in Cologne, Germany, and you will find us at stand E19 in hall 10.2. More information about our event offering is available on our ANGA COM 2016 webpage. You can also learn more about building 4K QAM headends by downloading our white paper.


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