Teleste exposes hidden network demons at ANGA COM 2016

Press release

Service reliability is more important for cable operators than ever before. To increase customer satisfaction they need to remove obstacles to quality broadband and video services. Behind many service problems there are hidden demons to be studied and exposed: coaxial connectors and the cable interconnect.

Turku, Finland – 4 May 2016 – Teleste Corporation, a leading provider of video and broadband technologies and related services, invites you to find out about coaxial connectors and the cable interconnect and how they impact on broadband service quality in cable networks. We will explore the topic at the ANGA COM 2016 exhibition, 7-9 June in Cologne, Germany.

Today, ensuring service delivery excellence is a vital issue for cable broadband operators. There is a wide choice of service and broadband access providers in the market, and consumers tend to go for service bundles that best meet their individual needs, at a convenient price. At the same time, the latest mobile technologies, such as 4G, promise faster data transmission leading to quicker loading of websites, email and – most importantly – video streams to consumers’ smartphones and tablets wherever they are.

To stay on top of these developments and increase customer loyalty, cable operators need to offer their subscribers quality broadband and video services with high data transmission speeds and excellent service availability. To meet the challenge, operators throughout Europe have made major investments in their cable networks, aiming at improved overall quality of services and more operational efficiency through reduced truck-rolls. However, investments have not always delivered the desired results.

Despite utilizing the latest network equipment, improving workflows and installation processes, occasional service outages, slow broadband connections, and video issues still seem to remain an unsolved problem. It is time to turn our
focus on coaxial connectors and the cable interconnect in order to expose the hidden demons in networks which cause much of these issues.

Find out how to expose your network demons!

Teleste’s Technology Director for passives and indoor products, Keith Mothersdale, will guide you into the subject in more detail during his presentation Evolution towards a Converged Network Management Infrastructure.

Time and location:
ANGA COM 2016 Broadband Day, Thursday, 9 June
echnology panel PNM – High Performance Network Management 24/7
Room B, 10.00-11-15 a.m.

Quality is also in the details, even for cable broadband networks. Welcome to join me and the other technology panelists at ANGA COM 2016 to discuss about key topics in high performance network management and how to build up 24/7 quality broadband services“, told Keith Mothersdale.

All ANGA COM visitors are welcome to join the audience. Book your calendars for the event and meanwhile, visit our ANGA COM 2016 webpage to find out more information about Teleste’s event offering.


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