Teleste introduces new DOCSIS® 3.1-compliant nodes to celebrate the milestone of 400.000 delivered units for the Teleste AC family

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Teleste’s AC family of professional, high-performance broadband amplifiers and nodes reaches the milestone of 400.000 delivered units. Now we introduce new DOCSIS 3.1-compliant nodes to lead the next generation of this proven product family.

Turku, Finland – 18 May 2015 – Teleste Corporation, a leading provider of video and broadband technologies and related services, announces its new 1.2 GHz fibre optic nodes, AC9100 and AC8710, to complement the Teleste AC family of high-performance broadband amplifiers and nodes.

On the evolution path towards next generation HFC networks

Since coming to the market, the Teleste AC product family has been charecterised by high-performance capability, ease of use and adaptability to changing industry requirements. In 2007, the family introduced intelligence to network products, with remotely configurable and auto-adjusting fibre optic nodes and amplifiers. Today, the family is extending to the next generation network products that offer even higher performance and extremely fast IP delivery.

Today, a major transformation for the cable industry is the deployment of the DOCSIS 3.1 technology that is about to start a totally new rebuilding wave in HFC networks. The technology will provide 1 Gbps experience for consumers and create immense opportunities in development of new IP-based services, with significantly lower investment costs compared to FTTH.  However, the challenge is how technology vendors will be able to meet the higher technical requirements for e.g. loading performance set by the wider DOCSIS 3.1 frequency ranges”, says Pasi Järvenpää, SVP of Research and Development for Teleste.

As giant as the step to DOCSIS 3.1 may seem, it is not unique in the history of HFC networks. The same kind of challenges have been solved successfully before. A notable example of such a technological excellence is Teleste’s AC nodes and amplifiers, which have offered broadband operators top performance and validated quality for several years.”

To celebrate the milestone of 400.000 delivered AC devices and to complement our offering for the next generation broadband networks, Teleste will introduce the first 1.2 GHz nodes to the AC family at ANGA COM 2015:

  • Teleste AC8710, intelligent 1.2 GHz single optical node with fixed receiver, modular upstream transmitter and two active high-performance GaN outputs
  • Teleste AC9100, intelligent 1.2 GHz 2x4 node with four output ports, including two high-performance GaN outputs. The node supports power supply redundancy as well as optical link redundancy in both directions. It also supports up to four optical upstream transmitters. Two downstream optical receivers are integrated into the node.

The nodes will be highlighted at ANGA COM 2015 in Cologne, Germany, June 9-11. We welcome you to learn more and visit us at our stand, E19 in hall 10.2. For more information about the products and our ANGA offering, please visit

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Pasi Järvenpää
Senior Vice President – Research and Development, Teleste Corporation

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