Teleste Day in Tirana, Albania

For the first time, our partner ASI-Alternative System Integration is arranging a Teleste Day for the customers in the Albanian market today, on the 2nd of April, 2015 in Tirana, Albania. During the day, the participants will hear from the local and Teleste experts the latest about Teleste network products and their advantages and areas of application as well as about solutions for varying needs in the local network environment.

The comprehensive program will include presentations about Teleste’s solution for digital TV reception and distribution with the Luminato platform as well as about digital transcoding and streaming with Teleste Optimo and IP to analog converter Teleste Palomino. The participants will also hear about Teleste’s HFC infrastructure products (amplifiers and nodes) and distributed access solution DOCSIS Access Hub for offering IP connections over coax infrastructure as well as passives and indoor products and Trilithic measurement devices. In addition, Alternative System Integration experts will present Conax Conditional Access System.