Teleste at IBC2014: We carry your content from the headend into and around the home

Press release

Teleste’s innovative technologies help operators provide an attractive video and TV experience on all consumer screens both at home and on the go.

Turku, Finland – 9 September 2014 – At IBC2014, Teleste Corporation, a leading provider of video and broadband technologies and related services, will highlight its professional headend and CATV solutions that help operators offer a premium quality TV and video experience to all consumer devices. With Teleste’s innovative technologies operators can also deliver IP based content into and around the home utilizing the existing coaxial cabling.

IBC2014 will take place in Amsterdam, 12-16 September 2014. Teleste invites you to learn more and visit us at stand 4.B61.

Please, visit also our Youtube channel and watch how Matti the Handyman presents the benefits of Teleste’s CATV and hospitality solutions! Press materials and more information about the products are available at

Today, consumers expect to enjoy high-quality streaming video on their TV sets, smartphones, tablets, and PCs in every part of the home and on the go. At the same time, the proliferation of new content formats such as HD and 4K, as well as types of service, such as OTT, has taken place. The result is that networks have become more crowded than ever with different types of streams, and network capacity needs are constantly increasing. The challenge for operators and content providers is how to build a future-proof, easily adjustable service that answers the diversifying consumer demand, and ensures that capacity needs will be met in a cost-efficient way.

At IBC2014, Teleste will showcase solutions that help operators to carry their content from the headend to all consumer screens cost-efficiently, and maintaining the quality of service and flexibility towards future needs:

  • Teleste Luminato, the most reliable headend platform in the market that fits easily to many use cases from small headend-in-a-box solutions to master headend signal processing. It supports service reception from various sources including DVB-S2, DVB-T2, ISDB-T, ASI and IP, and provides advanced features such as selective service reception, comprehensive remultiplexing, and interoperable content protection.
  • Teleste Optimo is a leading edge encoding and transcoding solution for OTT and DVB applications. It provides unmatched bandwidth efficiency and amazing video experience on every screen from smartphones and tablets to PC’s, gaming consoles, connected TVs and more.
  • Teleste Palomino, a professional IP to analog TV processor that provides an SD and HD quality analog TV signal in numerous input and output formats including PAL B/G, D/K and SECAM L, D/K. The compact and flexible solution is ideally suited for IP based remote headends, master headends and other kinds of cable networks like hotels or hospitals. Once the analog TV transmission has completely ended, the Palomino can be altered to an IP to QAM with a simple software update.
  • Teleste Broadcast Manager, a DVB network information management server that enables full-featured EPG information delivery. To guarantee high quality of service, the server provides multiple network support and can manage hundreds of simultaneous set-top box updates.
  • DOCSIS Access Hub (DAH) represents a new, distributed technology for access networks. The hub supports DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.0 data transmission and allows cost-efficient extensions of IP networks over existing coaxial cabling inside apartment buildings. The DAH enables useful service solutions especially for hotels and the hospitality industry allowing them to utilize their coaxial networks in bringing IPTV to guests.
  • Ethernet over Coax adapters for in-house networking. Teleste’s new Entropic-powered Wi-Fi extenders will deliver reliable high speed data and HD video to a large number of client devices, with particular emphasis on being able to extend Wi-Fi anywhere in the building.

In addition, we will highlight Teleste ACE8, the first DOCSIS 3.1 node in the market. The ACE8 has been shortlisted in the CSI Awards 2014. With the downstream frequency band reaching up to 1.2 GHz and the upstream band being easily updated to 200 MHz, the node ensures that future bandwidth needs will be met in deep fibre solutions.

The Teleste ACE8 introduces an entire new level of usability to access nodes. It is easily configurable on the site via USB and wireless Bluetooth® connectivity. The node also supports the Teleste Commander, a local management application for Android smartphones and tablets. The application is available free of charge at Google Play store. Download your apps and visit our IBC2014 stand 4.B61 to experience how it works with ACE8!

Press contact:

Mirkka Lamppu
Manager, CEM and Communications, Teleste Corporation
Tel +358 40 74 88 719