Teleste at IBC2013: IP over Coax takes in next-generation TV delivery

Press release

Teleste’s toolbox solves the challenge of IP video in coax networks from headend to home

Turku, Finland – 11 September 2013 – At IBC2013, Teleste Corporation, a leading provider of video and broad-band technologies and related services, will bring forward its proven and compatible products, which enable operators to step into IP delivery by utilising the existing coaxial cabling. Teleste’s comprehensive portfolio includes all that is needed for all-IP TV delivery on cable networks — from headend and transcoding to FttH and in-home networking. IBC2013 will take place in Amsterdam, 13-17 September 2013. Teleste invites you to learn more and to visit us at stand 4.B77.

With an ever-growing number of subscribers and amount of online content, all-IP networks are today’s trend. Global TV markets are forecasted to change profoundly as IPTV and OTT gain market share from traditional broadcasters. Operators need to step up in the competition and create new services to satisfy the growing con-sumer demand. The challenge is how to bring new services to customers at a cost that justifies the investments. Utilising the existing coaxial cabling provides an answer: it offers operators a cost-effective way to move to all-IP delivery.

Teleste’s products and solutions include all that is needed for operators to enjoy the benefits of IP over coax. Quality of services and sufficient bandwidth for each customer are guaranteed, while resource allo-cation and network segmentation make it possible to build new business cases and increase network capacity where it is most needed. The reliable and state-of-the art products ensure a smooth customer experience, even for future technologies such as 4K and Ultra-HD.

At IBC2013, Teleste will showcase:

  • Teleste Luminato digital headend platform for CATV, OTT and IPTV delivery future proofs operators’ investments in new digital services. With a failure rate less than 0.3%, the fully modular, high-density platform guarantees Quality of Service from headend to operators’ service line-up and is the backbone of successful service delivery. Receiving content from various sources the Luminato is fit for emerging video broadcast formats such as ultra-HD, and future all-IP networks.
  • Teleste Optimo transcoder is a part of Teleste’s multiscreen solution for distributing TV channels and video services on DVB, IPTV and over-the-top television (OTT) networks. The Optimo provides real-time video and audio encoding for linear pay TV broadcast as well as live streaming to new media plat-forms. The solution streams content for all-IP video delivery from the headend to homes for viewing on set-top boxes, PCs,smart phones and tablets.
  • DOCSIS Access Hub, an access network hub that provides a cost-effective and agile solution for intro-ducing high-speed broadband connections to coaxial cable networks and upgrade network capacity. Based on distributed CMTS architecture, the DAH makes a perfect tool to extend IP network inside apartment buildings and hotels by utilising the existing coaxial cable infrastructure. Supporting broad-band speeds of close to 1 Gbps downstream and 160 Mbps upstream, one hub can serve all customers in an apartment building and provide them with sufficient bandwidths to receive any video streaming services.
  • Ethernet over Coax products for in-home networks make home networking easier than ever and create cost-efficient ways for operators to extend broadband networks inside apartments without any new cabling. The new echoBox Wi-Fi adapter takes care of any conditions in a home network and combines its all aspects – Wi-Fi, Ethernet and coaxial cable. The adapter connects together all internet enabled devices at home by turning existing in-home coaxial network into a high speed internet super-highway.

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