Teleste at ANGA COM 2013: Teleste takes hold of access network ecosystems with customer experience in the forefront

Press release

Focusing on the business side of access networks combines products with specialist services and creates a successful customer experience



Turku, FINLAND – 22 May 2013 – At ANGA COM 2013, Teleste, a leading provider of video and broadband technologies and related services, will bring forth the “Teleste Toolkit”, an extensive portfolio of products and services that are designed to answer a wide variety of needs related to designing, building, operating and improving HFC and broadband networks. The Teleste Toolkit is now larger than ever — with its comprehensive set of solutions, operators can rationalise their network infrastructure and operations and drive for revenue without compromising quality. ANGA COM 2013 takes place 4-6 June 2013 in Cologne. Teleste invites you to learn more and visit us at stand E19.

Behind access networks there are complicated ecosystems. For every device in a network, operators need other devices, accessories, software, services and support to keep the devices, network and services running. Purchasing, operating and developing all parts of the ecosystem add up to the total cost of network ownership. The challenge for operators is that it can be very time consuming to manage the ecosystems and guarantee the quality of customer services — but without careful management, there is a risk that the total cost of network ownership can climb higher than expected.

With the Teleste Toolkit, network ecosystems can be turned into a competitive edge:

  • Network ecosystems in the big picture: Teleste’s solutions and products are cost-effective at all levels of a network ecosystem. Seamlessly compatible products, accessories and management software reduce any unplanned investments in overlapping features. The selected product technologies improve service reliability and quality and also cut down operating costs by reducing service outages and maintenance needs.
  • Concentrating on the essential: Teleste’s long-term R&D, own product manufacturing and high class quality control create solutions which allow operators to concentrate on what is essential for their business.  From single products to turnkey network projects and support, Teleste understands customers’ needs and can take control of every piece in a network puzzle, enabling operators to enjoy uninterrupted revenue flows.
  • Better end-user experience: A well-managed and operating network ecosystem will consistently outperform an inconsistent or poorly managed ecosystem, delivering better uptime and a better user experience for network subscribers. For operators, positive customer experiences create strong relationships and the grounds for new business opportunities.

At ANGA COM 2013, Teleste will introduce its next newcomers to the Teleste Toolkit, including the Teleste ACE8 node to complement the Intelligent Networks concept and the DOCSIS Access Hub, which is designed to lower network upgrading expenses and improve capacity. More information on Teleste’s ANGA COM 2013 offering and launches is available at