Environmental responsibility

  • teleste vastuu ympäristöstä
     teleste vastuu ympäristöstä

Natural resources

Teleste aims for efficient and sustainable use of water, energy and materials in all operations. Waste generated at Teleste is sorted at source in order to increase the recycling and recovery rate.

The carbon footprint arising from transportation of materials and finished goods is reduced by applying a forecasting process, and by prioritising land and sea transport over air cargo.

Teleste strives to ensure that sourced materials come from ethically and environmentally responsible sources.

Products and services

Teleste’s environmental responsibility considers the environmental impacts of its products throughout their life cycle. The environmental perspective is taken into consideration in product design, and recyclable materials are used where possible. Environmental awareness is reflected in the energy consumption, durability and serviceability of products.

In the service business, the main source of environmental load is CO2 emissions. Choice of vehicles and route planning are used to reduce these emissions.

Continuous improvement

To achieve continuous improvement in performance, Teleste has identified environmental impacts of its operations and has set targets which are monitored regularly. It is important that everyone understands their own responsibilities with regard to environmental issues, in order to make the right decisions.