FTTH Conference 2019

We xhibited at FTTH Conference 2019 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Thank you for visiting us at stand S29!

Introducing Teleste Enlighten, a new range of optical passive products!

We were thrilled to introduce a new range of optical passive products at FTTH Conference 2019. Teleste Enlighten passives offer operators high product quality at sustainable costs – enlightened by installers’ insight into features enabling easy installation!

The new product range consists of customised systems such as street cabinets (PoC/PoP) defined by customers and pre-assembled in a clean factory environment. These cabinets open up a new avenue to OPEX and CAPEX savings through a unique business model: you will get clear benefits including uniform quality, smooth network rollouts and faster network design.

Besides the customised systems, your FTTX projects will benefit from the following set of enlightened optical passives, available with or without customisations:

  • Wall Outlets
  • Wall Boxes
  • ODF and Patch Panels
  • Aerial Distribution Boxes
  • Patchcords and Pigtails
  • Adapters, Attenuators and Splitters
  • Headend Optical Passives

Detailed information about the Enlighten products is available on our Optical passives product page.

Utilize our specialist insight and planning automation tools for smarter FTTX networks

High-quality products and professional planning services and expertise make a match when building next-generation FTTX networks. Together with our daughter company Flomatik Network Services we highlighted our consultancy and network design services that ensure consistent quality and best products for your network, whilst achieving tangible cost and time savings.

At our stand S29 we also demonstrated how integrated, automated software toolchain provides faster, more informed, and higher quality network planning. While there is no substitute for network planning expertise and experience, sophisticated planning tools can offer considerable speed and productivity gains when compared to traditional network planning approaches:

  • Informed strategy: Making better decisions and optimising capital investment
  • Increased efficiency: Maximising productivity while reducing construction costs
  • New flexibilities: Matching network planning to changing commercial realities
  • Consistent quality: From construction to in-life operations
  • Improved customer experience: With easier and more exhaustive management and intelligence



Design, Planning and building an FTTH network in rural areas: Experiences and learnings from Estonia and the Isle of Wight in the UK

Ben Allwright, VP of Advanced Network Services at Teleste, presented a network services case study from UK, highlighting the deployment of full fibre solutions for the citizens of Isle of Wight. 

The workshop was organised by Keypro, Hexatronic and Setics.

You can now watch Ben Allwright's presentation highlight on Vimeo!

Thank you for visiting us you at the show!