Passenger Terminal Expo 2018

Passenger Terminal Expo was arranged in Stockholm, Sweden. Thank you for visiting us!

Keep passengers safe and improve operational efficiency

At Passenger Terminal Expo 2018, we highlighted our video surveillance and information management solution that provides you a smart and flexible path to deploy video surveillance at airports. In addition to the powerful video core, the solution offers a rich selection of smart features and functionalities that allow you to monitor and manage situations in real time.

Easier, safer and more relaxing travelling

Security systems nowadays play a crucial role for the passenger experience at busy and crowded airports. As an airport authority or an operator, you need to guarantee the safety and security of passengers, personnel and operations each day.

By improving operations, minimizing waiting times and preventing crimes, you can let the passengers enjoy easier, safer and more relaxing travelling. When you need to ensure critical operations, minimize functional blocks, and improve cooperation between your stakeholders, our system can offer you several types of video surveillance equipment, subsystems and applications that meet your requirements.

Advanced video and data integration

Our solution enables efficient and reliable integration of video surveillance with other airport systems such as baggage handling, access control, fire and smoke alarms, public address audio systems and emergency alarms.

You can access video information when and where needed and utilize video content analytics and automatic real-time management of events and alarms to improve situational awareness capability of your security system. The advanced video and data integration enables you to improve safety and security and run different airport processes efficiently and reliably.

Our solution is fit for airport authorities, airlines, police, border guard, customs, and freight handling companies. The modular solution is based on our IP video management system, the S-VMX.


Passenger Terminal Expo is the world's leading international airport conference and exhibition. More information about the event is available here.