SmartRail Europe

SmartRail Europe 2017 took place in Amsterdam. Thank you for visiting us!

The future of passenger services

At SmartRail Europe, Teleste's Kimmo Ylander, Business Line Director of City Transport, lead an interactive roundtable about Improving passenger experience by providing personal services based on passenger identification.

Travelling is changing fast as passengers demand smarter, safer and smoother ways to move around. Our question for you in the roundtable was:how could the industry bring ease and efficiency to travelling by providing services and technologies based on voluntary passenger identification? Which types of services are needed, and which do you find feasible?

Thank you for all participants for a lively discussion with sharp opinions, insights and ideas around the topic!

Highlighting smooth and safe passenger experience

Teleste has developed a modular video and information management solution including stations, onboard and wireless data transfer between the two. The solution allows you to build up a transportation system that provides attractive services to your customers and helps you increase ridership.

You can let your customers enjoy top quality entertainment services and real-time travel information right on hand when they need it. Our wide selection of system modules enables easy maintenance and delivery of audio-visual information including routes, on-time information, announcements and videos.

Our solutions also help you ensuring the safety and security of passengers, the staff as well as operations both onboard and at stations. You can easily adopt CCTV into your transportation system and create a future-proof security hub that makes it possible to monitor and manage situations in real time. Managing the system is easy as you can do it under the same user interface as managing passenger information.

Keep passengers connected

Today’s passengers expect the same level of connectivity and services they have at home to also be available during their journey. With our high-capacity wireless solutions and technologies you can create a platform that allows the passengers to keep in touch with their social and professional networks while travelling, and to access content that is relevant at that point of time.

Outstanding visibility in all lighting conditions

As part of our solutions offering, we provide you modern, high-quality displays for on-board and stations. Designed especially for the need of rail and city transport, our Mitron display family truly shows you the way to tomorrow’s information and advertising applications.