SCTE-ISBE Cable-Tec 2017

Teleste took part in the SCTE-ISBE Cable-Tec Expo with Teleste Intercept. Thank you for visiting us at the show!

SCTE-ISBE Cable-Tec Expo is the biggest event in cable and telecommunications in the US in 2017. Combining thought leadership, engineering innovation and deal-making, the expo gathers together over 10,000 professionals from all over the industry.

Standards-based Remote PHY devices for next-generation broadband services

New technologies such as DOCSIS 3.1 and Remote PHY enable several migration paths to future broadband services. The Remote PHY technology will offer operators a way to increase capacity by enabling more advanced modulation methods.

With Teleste's innovative, standards-based Remote PHY nodes, it is easier than ever to upgrade your network to Remote PHY technology. Our offering incluces Remote PHY enabled nodes for operators who are already making RPD deployments, while our Remote PHY ready nodes allow you to adopt DOCSIS 3.1 frequencies now and later migrate to a distributed network when further capacity increase is needed.

Intelligent HFC for less truck rolls and more uptime

High-speed internet has become all-important for consumers, but operators also need to deliver uninterrupted services to provide a better-quality experience and to prevent churn. Teleste' Intelligent HFC devices are designed to help operators increase network speed and service uptime by preventing and solving service issues with the help of several intelligent features such as automatic alignments and ingress switch. Delivering excellent customer satisfaction is possible while reducing Opex to maintain competitiveness.

Presenting our Intelligent, Remote PHY node ICON9000 with CATVisor Argus management sofware

Shortlisted for BTR Diamond Awards 2017, ICON9000 is an intelligent, connected optical node with built-in Remote PHY capability. It enables operators to add intelligence to their networks to prevent service outages, cut down truck rolls and reduce operational costs. We will demonstrate ICON9000 together with the CATVisor Argus management software designed especially for intelligent HFC network management. Come see how Intelligent Network management works in real life, and how easy it is to control and adjust the node’s operation!

Other Teleste products on display at Booth #177:

  • Teleste Luminato headend: Designed for advanced live content processing, the Luminato headend platform enables Broadcast-quality video transmission over cable television networks and cost-effective content delivery for the  hospitality sectors.
  • DAH mini-CMTS:  Designed for the needs of business broadband and hospitality sectors, Teleste’s DOCSIS Access Hub, DAH, offers a cost-effective option for extending IP networks inside apartment buildings and hotels by utilizing existing coaxial cabling.
  • E3 amplifier: Very compact and yet intelligent distribution amplifier offering high output level and wide gain range, both helpful when networks take the next step and become DOCSIS 3.1 compliant.
  • HDO family of high-density optical network products: Supporting digital return technology and several intelligent features, this proven product family has been designed for transmitting broadband, broadcast and narrowcast services.


Teleste Intercept - A Teleste Antronix joint venture

Teleste Intercept has been established to offer Next Generation Gigabit cable access solutions from both Teleste and Antronix to the North American cable broadband markets. It's portfolio included RF optical transmission from headend to home, distributed CCAP architecture nodes, fibre-to-the-tap eHFC solution, and hospitality solutions for broadband and video.

Find out more on Teleste Intercept's website!