IBC2017 took place in Amsterdam, RAI. Thank you for visiting us!


Whether it is traditional broadcasting or streaming services, the world still loves to consume TV and video content. In recent years, TV experience has got better and better with new display technologies, advances in signal transmission, and versatile end-user devices designed to meet individual viewing requirements. As consumers can nowadays take their TV on the go, also the living room TV set still holds its positions as the centre of home entertainment - which makes offering of attractive, quality TV services as important today as it has been before.

Teleste Luminato brings you easy and carefree TV services

Our proven Luminato boasts of being the world's most reliable headend platform. Out of all the devices sent out from our factory, less than 0,3% have ever needed any hardware repair.

The Luminato has been designed to offer you easy and flexible options for content reception and live content processing. It gives you freedom in application design and allows you to develop services that fullfill your customers' expectations of attractive and entertaining TV experience.

At IBC2017 we showcased the Luminato headend together with its new extensions and told you about the possibilities and benefits it offers for your headend services. One of the latest additions is the dense QAM module that provides a very compact edge QAM platform for Cable TV operators, allowing up to 144 QAM channels in one RU Luminato chassis.

We also highlighted new service applications designed by our customers utilizing the Luminato application module, such as Sofia Backstage®, a service platform designed by Sofia Digital that enables building of modern value added functionalities and OTT applications for TV service operators.

In addition, we presented our new service model, Teleste MaaS that makes it easier than ever for you to carry out your broadcast TV services.




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