AusRAIL Plus 2017

  • AusRail Plus 2017
     AusRail Plus 2017
AusRAIL Plus 2017 took place 21 -23 November at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Brisbane, Australia. Thank you for visiting us!

Moving towards smart and safe public transport systems

Public transport is changing fast as passengers demand smarter, safer and smoother ways to move around. Teleste Rail has been designed to grow with your needs and help you develop new classes of information services for passengers.

Teleste Rail - Your journey, made easier

Teleste’s modular video and information management solution includes an integrated platform between stations, onboard and wireless data transfer. The solution allows you to build up a transportation system that provides attractive services to your customers and helps you increase public transport experience. The modular structure makes it possible to apply the technology for needs of individual products, subsystems or comprehensive on-board solution.

At AusRail we demonstrated our IP-based video management system, S-VMX, which is the core of a future-proof security hub that makes it possible for you to enhance the safety of passengers by monitoring and managing situations in real time.

In addition to being a state-of-the-art security system, the S-VMX supports integration of extensive range of different subsystems, such as Video Content Analytics (VCA), Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and SCADA, which are designed to improve many daily operations with added intelligence and analytic features.

Proven on-board solutions - Trusted by the largest rail car manufacturers

Teleste Rail on-board solution has been developed during the course of several years in close collaboration with international rolling stock manufacturers and railway operators. With more than 1000 vehicles in commercial service, the system technology is proven, mature and compliant with railway industry standards.

Some of our references:



Mitron displays with excellent visibility and durability

At our stand, we will also highlighted our Mitron passenger information display family, including modern high-quality display screens for on-board and stations. The display family includes TFT LCD, RGB LED and monochrome LED displays designed for accurate delivery of information and outstanding visibility in demanding conditions. They are used successfully worldwide for transit system monitoring and public-facing information sharing, both indoors and outdoors, as well as within vehicles.

Our displays have a strong, vandal resistant construction, and a high tolerance for disturbances, mechanical stress, and solar radiation. By selecting the best fitting technology for each situation, we can optimize the visibility of the information in all lighting conditions as well as long life expectancy.

Teleste Care for Rail

Teleste Care for Rail is a professional service concept targeted to our Teleste Rail customers. The concept brings our industry experts at your service during the entire life cycle of your solutions. You can choose from our wide service offering the modules that meet your needs best. Come visit our stand and learn more about how our services can support your operations more cost effectively!

About AusRAIL

AusRAIL is the largest rail event in Australasia and is supported by the leading industry associations, including the Australasian Railway Association (ARA); Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE); Railway Technical Society Australasia (RTSA); & the Rail Track Association Australia (RTAA).

Held annually, AusRAIL features a larger biennial ‘AusRAIL PLUS’ event. The ‘PLUS’ year features a larger exhibition, bigger conference and more social functions. The larger event attracts around 7000 attendees, including 450 exhibiting companies. More information at