APTA 2017

  • Teleste passenger information
     Teleste passenger information
APTA Expo took 9 to 11 October in Atlanta, GA, USA. Thank you for visiting us at the show!

Your partner in enhancing public safety by providing state-of-the-art video security platforms

At APTA 2017 we presented our suite of video security solutions and transportation operators can utilize them to provide safe and enjoyable travel for the passengers, as well as to increase efficiency of operations and e.g. reduce fare evasion.

Fare evasion is a huge problem for many transportation agencies but there has been little to do to prevent it but to track down fare evaders through manual observation and counting. With our video security solutions you can adapt CCTV in your transportation system, making it possible to utilize our discreet, integrated security cameras to monitor access to fare gates, platforms, buses and trains.

To increase operational efficiency and flow, our solutions enable you to manage video surveillance and passenger information systems together, and utilize applications such as video image analytics and automated alarms for better situational awareness, and shorter reaction times to incidents.

Mitron display family for versatile indoor and outdoor use

Our Mitron display family includes TFT LCD, RGB LED and monochrome LED displays designed for accurate delivery of information and excellent visibility in demanding conditions. They are used successfully worldwide for transit system monitoring and public-facing information sharing, both indoors and outdoors, as well as within vehicles.

Our products and systems have a proven ability to be easily integrated into many city transit, sports venue, public common areas and many other environments. By Engineering to the highest standards, we are a global forerunner in the design and development of display technologies, information is in safe hands with us.

In order to provide all-condition performance, our displays have a strong, vandal resistant construction, and a high tolerance for disturbances, mechanical stress, and solar radiation. By selecting the best fitting technology for each situation, we can optimize the visibility of the information in all lighting conditions as well as long life expectancy.

Surveillance & safety via embedded cameras

While the Mitron series can display virtually any PC-based video, image content to help attract and inform passengers and the public, the systems can also provide situational awareness through an embedded, covert HD IP camera. Positioned in order to capture facial images at an ideal angle for forensic identification, the displays provide a platform for utilizing developing technologies such as biometric and video analytics for people counting, alarms and subject recognition.

Typically cameras are installed above pedestrian traffic areas making searches difficult when reviewing footage due to issues such as physical obstructions, hats and hoods; complicating the ability to identify subjects after incidents. Having HD cameras positioned  where people are looking at relevant information, presents the opportunity for facial recognition and faster assessments during/after an event of interest.

Saving money and energy

When choosing Teleste, you can trust on long lifetime and low life-cycle costs of our products, and also reap the benefits of the integrated self-diagnostics and service-free operation. With advanced LED backlight technology, you can also enjoy even longer lifetime of the displays and move further towards energy-efficiency.