• ANGA COM 2017
     ANGA COM 2017
Thank you for visiting us in Cologne. Hope to see you again next year!

Our major topics and launches were presented at our ANGA COM 2017 press event by Hanno Narjus, SVP of Network Products. You can view the presentation on Slideshare.

Intelligent HFC migration continues - make sure that your broadband services don’t turn into tomorrow’s data jam

New technologies such as DOCSIS 3.1 and Remote PHY enable several migration paths to future broadband services. The Remote PHY technology will offer operators a way to increase capacity by enabling more advanced modulation methods. However, legacy platforms will co-exist with the new technologies for years to come. When making technology rollouts, the challenge for operators is to make sure that legacy platforms also offer returns on investment.

See how easy it is to upgrade a Teleste node with Remote PHY technology!

As an example of smooth network evolution, we were proud to introduce our new DOCSIS 3.1 Remote PHY-compliant node, the AC9100 Neo. This high-performing node can be turned into a Remote PHY device just by replacing its cover. The node allows operators to adopt  DOCSIS 3.1 frequencies and later migrate to a distributed network when further capacity increase is needed. In addition to creating a farsighted investment, the node also features intelligent functionalities, which enable operators to improve the quality of their services regardless of the chosen network architecture.

Increase customer loyalty with excellent broadband service

This year, we also talked about what operators could to offer an excellent broadband service that will increase customer loyalty. It is not products alone that create excellent broadband service; what counts is the entire mix of network design and technologies, customer service, maintenance and the operator’s service bundle.

At the beginning of 2017, we conducted a comprehensive research on customer churn in the cable television industry and the events preceding it. The research offers insight into what happens before customers decide to churn and what could be done to build up loyal customerships. It also provides useful managerial guidelines for cable television executives operating in an uncertain and rapidly changing marketspace. You can download the report here.

Our major launches at the show

  • AC9100 Neo and AC9100 Neo RPD: The AC9100 Neo is an updated version of our intelligent, 1.2 GHz optical node, the AC9100. It offers the same performance and supports future migration to Remote PHY technology. Just by replacing its cover, the AC9100 Neo can be turned into a Remote PHY device which enables you to deploy distributed network architecture, increase capacity and take intelligence deeper into networks. 
  • DAN200:  Designed in co-operation with Casa Systems, DAN200 is a DOCSIS 3.1-compliant Remote PHY node that supports interoperability with Casa Systems CCAP CMTS.
  • E3 – the first member of our new, 1.2 GHz product range, called the E series. The range will offer you AC class performance in a compact-size device.
  • DuraAplus+ flyleads: These flyleads maintain their A++ level even when standard flyleads have lost their shielding effectiviness.

Teleste at ANGA COM 2017 congress

Our team participated in  Technology Panel ‘DOCSIS® 3.1 Migration: Parameters for Pragmatic Coaxial Network Equipment’. The panel took place on Thursday, 1 June.

In addition, we offered you a hands-on approach to Remote PHY and its practical challenges at the Speakers Corner on Tuesday, 30 June.


More information about ANGA COM is available here.