Securex Poland

Securex Poland is an international security fair that took place in Poznan, Poland. Thank you for visiting us!

At Securex Poland 2016, Teleste demonstrated our IP based video management system, the S-VMX, with the Command & Capture™ technology that enables effective control of the overall video management system (VMS) and its sub-systems.

Teleste S-VMX for smart city security

To provide public authorities with an easy and efficient evolution path to a smart city security, Teleste has developed S-VMX, an IP based, distributed and centrally managed VMS system that is designed to maximize the added value to our customers.

The S-VMX allows unlimited integration of different types of security and information subsystems, out of which the most frequently used are Video Content Analytics (VCA), full PSIM systems and PSIM-like situation and event management systems. It also offers several advanced features for video surveillance on the move, making it possible for e.g. emergency and security forces to access the video information in real time.

The S-VMX is ideal for projects where everything is built from scratch, but it also allows cost-efficient upgrades to the existing security systems and renovation projects where the customer wishes to utilize the previous infrastructure as widely as possible.

Easy steps to efficient decision-making with Command & Capture™

Command & Capture™ is our patent-pending application that allows operators to integrate any remote, or local video, or information management application and system, into a single unit.

It creates an affordable real-time decision making tool for operation centers. Operation and control of all events and tasks can be carried out centralized, through a single operating point, and full situational awareness is achieved by visualizing all the information throught the same GUI and on the video wall.

The size of the controlled system can be dynamically expanded, or scaled down. The application can adapt even to the most complex systems as well as third-party applications without need to any application-specific integration. All you need is a PC, Internet connection and the TelesteCommand & Capture™ software.

About the event

Securex Poland is the largest and most prestigious security industry trade fair in Poland and Central Europe. It presents a comprehensive offering of the leading providers of products and services for the protection of property, information, alarm systems, CCTV monitoring and security. More information about the event is available here.