Metro Rail 2016

Catering for the whole rail value chain, Metro Rail 2016 conference was arranged place in London, 26-27 May. Thank you for visiting us!

At Metro Rail 2016 we highlighted our end-to-end video security and information solution for the rail industry.

Teleste's end-to-end rail solution connects all video security and information systems on-board and at stations into a unified infrastructure. This integrated real-time connectivity allows for interactive communication between all systems, devices and subsystems, and offers valuable benefits through increased safety, reliability, efficiency and decreased cost of ownership.


Taking transportation infrastructure to the next level with innovative wireless data transmission technologies

As part of the end-to-end rail solution, Teleste has developed innovative wireless application that will take rail and public transportation infrastructure to the next level.

  • Hyper-robust, multi-gigabit transmission technology enables transferring video and data at a speed of more than 4 gigabits between vehicles and ground systems as well as between moving vehicles
  • Wireless offline offload - an alternative concept that solves the challenge of wireless offload regardless of the current wireless network infrastructure.

Please download our white paper on Wireless offline offload through this link.


Information pillar with integrated HD camera for outdoor use

We also presented a state-of-the-art TFT 47'' information pillar by Teleste's daughter company, Mitron.

This outstanding pillar is designed for24/7/365 outdoor use. It includes an integrated HDTV 1080p security camera with superb video performance and wide dynamic range. The pillar also features excellent visibility in all viewing angles and lightning conditions, weather and vandal proof construction, easy installation and maintenance as well as low life cycle costs due to reliable TFT LCD technology.