InnoTrans 2016

InnoTrans 2016 took place in Berlin, Germany. Thank you for visiting us!

Your journey, made easier - Teleste and Mitron at InnoTrans 2016

At our stand we presented Teleste Rail, our modular solution for the rail industry covering:

  • Passenger information solutions for on-board and stations
  • Video security
  • Solutions for wireless data transmission
  • Professional services

Teleste Rail - a modular approach to the rail industry’s needs

Teleste Rail combines the industry expertise of Teleste and its daughter company Mitron. It offers specialized know-how of railway and metro networks, and provides rail operators with the best video security and passenger information solutions for stations, platforms and rail cars. The high adoptability makes Teleste Rail a competitive option for different purposes, whether there is a new design or a refurbishment project. Our high, ‘rail-proven’ quality is guaranteed by IRIS certification.

New service consept for the needs of the rail industry!

At Innotrans 2016, we launched a new service concept dedicated for the needs of the rail industry. Teleste Care for Rail brings Teleste’s experts at our Teleste Rail customers’ service on every step of the way, from the first install of their solution to the end of its entire lifecycle.  Detailed information about the included services is available here.

Innovative solutions for wireless data transfer

We demonstrated our patent-pending wireless offload technology that features 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, superior error tolerance and excellent performance capacity for transmitting e.g. full HD video. We will also demonstrate how our recent innovation, wireless offline offload, works in action. Designed for offloading data in conditions where no wireless infrastructure is available outside the vehicles, this solution allows offloading data from vehicles to the ground system via train staff and/or passenger devices.

Introducing state-of-the-art technologies for passenger displays

We brought on stage some of the most recent advances in passenger display technology that will show the way for tomorrow’s information and advertising applications. These new displays include transparent OLED display solution for on-board and stations, RGB LED displays for on-board and stations and white LED for on-board use.

Mitron On-board and Railway Solutions

Mitron On-board Solutions include displays, individual products and comprehensive passenger information systems for on-board public address, intercommunication, CCTV and entertainment. At our stand, we will present e.g. the Mitron IP54 slim line on-board TFT displays family, on-board Wi-Fi with Intranet services for train crew and passengers  and remote management applications for managing and controlling on-board system information.

As part of Mitron Railway Solutions, we will showcase our outstanding TFT 47’’ information pillar designed for 24/7/365 outdoor use. It features an integrated HDTV security camera with superb video performance and wide dynamic range and guarantees excellent visibility in all viewing angles and lighting conditions.

Video security solutions

Teleste Rail creates a future-proof security hub that allows rail operators to monitor and manage situations in real time. The core of the hub is our IP-based video management system, S-VMX, which we demonstrated in action at our stand.