FTTH Conference 2016

FTTH Conference took place place in Luxexpo, Luxembourg. Thank you for visiting us!

FTTH without fibre? Rethink your FTTH infrastucture and home network!

Thank you for visiting us at the FTTH Conference exhibition to learn about our product and solution offerings for FTTH operators.

Distributed access solutions

Our distributed access solutions enable you to provide FTTH services over the existing last mile coaxial cabling. Eliminating the usual fibre home installation problems – this technology can be installed by end customers. You can offer your customers close to gigabit speeds with no new cabling investments.

Intelligent and Connected Home

Our solutions for Intelligent and Connected Home help you increase your ARPU and deliver high-speed connectivity to your customers. The robust and safe solutions enable broadband speeds beyond Wi-Fi and powerline capability, for distributing 4K TV, high-speed data and intelligent camera security services.

Customized and standard optics

We will also showcase our range of standard optical passives that can be tailored to meet your unique requirements. Besides our standard passives we will present our customised optical passives that offer complex wavelength configurations in a user-friendly format.

Welcome to meet us, we have more than just fibre!