IHTF - International Hotel Technology Forum 2015

  • IHTF2015
IHTF took place at the NH Hotel Hesperia Tower Barcelona, Spain. At IHTF we showcased our solutions for the hospitality industry.

The borders between TV and high-speed internet are fading and converging into a single technology. The change in technology has also affected the expectations of hotel guests dramatically. The digitally-empowered guests are looking for a home away from home – with their choice of media, their choice of devices and their choice of services.

At IHTF we presented our solutions for the hospitality industry that provide innovative and cost-effective technologies for delivering cutting-edge TV and media experience to guests at hotels and resorts. The basic building  blocks of the solution are Teleste Luminato headend and DOCSIS Access Hub (DAH), which is used for extending IP network inside buildings. They are ideal components for providing HDTV and fixed internet access as well as Wi-Fi to guests rooms.

Distributed CMTS architecture - enabled by Teleste DOCSIS Access Hub - allows placing CMTS equipment inside buildings, thus creating a cost-efficient, agile way to bring high-speed internet connections into every hotel room using existing coax cables and to upgrade network capacity for IPTV, OTT and diverse online video services and applications the guests are using on their own Wi-Fi-enabled digital devices. No re-cabling is required and the solution does not have any effect on the existing signals.

Teleste Luminato IPTV headend is the industry’s most compact and energy efficient headend platform for cable and IP TV services. Luminato provides all headend functionality in a single box. It gathers TV and video signals from satellite, cable, local and IP sources, and the channel line-up and custom program guide can be created to fit the specific needs. Luminato has the Samsung LYNK DRM embedded and is approved for use with licenced content.


The International Hotel Technology Forum, IHTF is arranged this year for the 12th time. It gathers together all the key decision makers from across the Hospitality industry in Europe, US and Asia, and offers innovative keynote presentations, industry leading  discussions and the latest in newest technologies.