• Teleste at IBC2015
     Teleste at IBC2015
IBC2015 took place 9-15 September in Amsterdam, RAI.

At IBC2015, Teleste highlighted innovations that help operators expand their service offering.

How to provide premium OTT services for terrestrial TV households?

Teleste's new innovation, the LTvE™ Technology (patent pending) bundles together broadcast TV, video-on-demand, OTT and IPTV, as well as mobile and data services, and allows operators to provide them to households by combining terrestrial TV and mobile technologies. The solution carries traditional TV broadcast over DVB-T network while video and data services are transmitted over bi-directional IP connections enabled by the LTE network. The unique combination of technologies provides end-users with faster broadband connections and extended variety of IP video services enabled by the increased speed. For operators, the solution makes it possible to extend and diversify their service offering for households that are not covered by the HFC access network.


Innovate your own headend applications with Luminato application module

Teleste Luminato, the most reliable digital headend platform in the market for CATV, OTT and IPTV delivery, is extended with an application development module that allows you to innovate and code your own headend applications that meet your unique requirements - only your imagination is the limit. The application module works on Linux OS which allows utilizing familiar software programming tools for application development. It integrates seamlessly with the Luminato platform providing space savings as no separate PC server is needed

Intelligent and Connected Home

Teleste Intelligent Home is a toolbox for operators to build and provide their own smart home/ home security services as an extension of their existing service portfolio.

Our products for the Connected Home  and the MoCA® based indoor solution convert existing indoor coaxial cable networks to Ethernet based IP networks. One of the main applications for the solution is an extension of existing indoor WiFi coverage so that every corner in an apartment is a possible door to internet.

Solutions for Hospitality

Teleste´s innovative data over coax technology - Docsis Access Hub (DAH) - allows using the existing coax cable infrastructure for IP connectivity. Without  costly and time consuming re-cabling, the network capacity in apartment buildings and in guest rooms at hotels and resorts can be upgraded for IPTV, OTT and diverse online video services and applications.

Hospitality integrators seek to deliver high-quality solutions to provide the new multiscreen OTT services. Teleste´s industry-leading digital video delivery products like Luminato and Optimo provide a cost effective, compact, efficient and scalable solution for distribution of  broadcast TV, IPTV and OTT content.