Teleste's history

We have been transforming our customers' needs and technology into opportunities since 1954. Our vision today is to be the best partner for our customers for building the networked society.

Tradition of customer centricity

We’ve always lived by the principles of customer centricity. Our major products have been developed together with our customers.

For example, in the 1970’s people in the Bothnia region of Finland wanted to watch TV broadcasts from Sweden. Teleste developed the first joint antenna systems for the region and thus moved towards cable TV systems together with the customers. The competence and products developed in this project paved the way for Teleste to become a leading provider of cable technology.

Tradition of quality

Always responding to customer needs with the highest quality products has enabled us to grow with our customers.

SOF platform fibre optics have been a great example of this quality. At the early stages, the equipment was accepted to the European Laboratory of Particle Physics CERN. The project was completed in co-operation with our key customer Rediffusion (UPC/Cablecom). The SOF 800 optics especially have exceeded all expectations in reliability. To this day there is a significant amount of SOF800 equipment still in use in Europe.

Competence in video transmission

In the 1980-90’s, Teleste became one of the leading suppliers of AM and FM fibre optic transmission systems in Europe.

As an example, the CFO fibre optic link product family was a great success in the video surveillance market; the platform is still in production. At the same time, Teleste had a great success in the field of coaxial transmission networks with our all time best seller - the DXX broadband amplifier (originally developed for Swiss Rediffusion (UPC/Cablecom).

Tradition of customer driven innovations

Having a clear understanding of both customers and technology have made Teleste a visionary in the industry. Several Teleste developed technologies have become industry standards.

A good example is the optical node BXX, which became an industry standard towards the end of 1990’s. The platform was originally developed for the Belgium operator Telenet. Very soon operators around Europe began to use the same concept, making the BXX much more successful as a platform than estimated.

Vision of the industry

The 1990’s were a decade of digitalisation. Continuing our traditions, Teleste was one of the industry forerunners developing solutions for the changing world.

A good example of the development is the DVX HE platform. In the late 1990's Comhem started the digitalisation of Sweden with Teleste DVX Headend products. The process continued for years, filling the headend rooms at Comhem with DVX / ATMux backbone transmission equipment and HE solutions through Sweden.

IP 2000

Teleste Video Networks has been a pioneering player in video industry, launching IP network products and solutions since the early 2000’s. We have managed to leverage competence to all company operations resulting in modern network solutions not only for today but also for tomorrow.


  • IP Switch & MPEG-2 Video over IP
  • IP / HFC gateway for VoD
  • Video Management and NVR Solution
  • MPEG-4 Industrial PC Solutions & Standalone Encoders
  • Ethernet to the Home concepts
  • CFO with Ethernet Connectivity
  • IPTV headend platform
  • FTTH Fibre to the Home solution

Digitalisation and technological development

Since 2010's digitalisation and technological development have started to play an increasingly significant role in developing new, increasingly personalised, services over the internet, and phenomena such as IoT are requiring high level of connectivity. Our technologies ensure multi-gigabit connectivity and networks evolving in pace with the demands for more capacity and more reliable, high-quality services.In addition, our smart solutions provide tools for building increasingly intelligent and efficient infrastructures helping create safe and smooth living environments for people.


  • Intelligent Networks technology
  • Distributed Access solutions for next-generation broadband networks
  • Situational awareness platform S-AWARE®