Corporate responsibility

Teleste’s influence on the surrounding society is positive in many ways, and the carbon footprint of its own operations is low. Corporate responsibility is at the core of Teleste’s work, and it is reflected in the company’s mission, vision and strategy.

We make your everyday life safe, smart and smooth. Our vision is to be the best partner for networked society.

Teleste values

We believe that these values will help us reach the goals that we have all set out to achieve.

Values we believe in

Customer Centricity
We are proud of our dedication to our customers and find working with them very inspiring. Customer satisfaction is the basis of our existence.

We treat each other, our customers and suppliers with openness, respect and fairness. A relaxed and open atmosphere contributes to everyone’s well-being.

We rely on our colleagues and our customers can rely on us. Trusting and being trusted welds our team together.

Result Orientation
We develop creative solutions from ideas to reality. Profitability keeps the company strong and will allow us to continue doing great things for years to come.


EcoVadis Silver rating for Corporate Social Responsibility

Teleste has been awarded with the silver medal in the ECOVADIS business sustainability rating.  The rating evaluates and provides  feedback for future development in labour and human rights,  ethics, sustainable procurement  and the environment.

With 58/100 points, we belong in to the top 20% of the companies in our reference group.


Values pamphlet



Updated 2020