Comprehensive network services

Provision of network design, documentation, maintenance, upgrades, access delivery services and network expansions to Kabel Deutschland, the largest cable operator in Germany with a network serving about 8.5 million households.
Teleste provides comprehensive network services to one of the major cable TV operators in Europe.
Customer need

Kabel Deutschland is the largest cable operator in Germany with a network serving about 8.5 million households. It provides competitive and modern digital SD and HD TV services, analog TV channels, video-on-demand, pay-TV services, video recording services as well as very fast - up to 100 Mbit/s - internet connections. Furthermore, the company offers telephone services in its own cable TV network while offering mobile communication services through a partner’s network. Such a large network and wide amount of services require skilful personnel for planning and operating in order to reach high quality of service. The company's environment is very dynamic requiring quick reactions to changing demands, yet sustaining quality.

Solution to customer's need

Kabel Deutschland has collaborated with Teleste’s subsidiary Cableway AG for several years. Cableway provides Kabel Deutschland with a wide range of technical services from network upgrade projects, maintenance, design and documentation services and access delivery services all the way to network expansions. The succesful delivery of services to Kabel Deutschland is based on Cableways's technical expertise and broad geographical coverage in Germany, combined with active cooperation between the companies. In addition to daily operational activities, the companies actively collaborate in various projects,aiming to improve the quality of the client’s network even further. Also Teleste´s products, such as amplifiers and passives, are widely used.

Benefits achieved
  • High-quality customer installation services
  • Field services both for access and for distribution networks
  • Network upgrades and extensions
  • Network planning and technical management services
  • 24/7/365 availability including night-callcenter
  • Dedicated call center facilities
Customer comments / quotation

"We have been pleased with the co-operation we have had with Cableway AG during the past years, providing us with the capacity to implement network improvements quickly in the field. It gives us a great deal of flexibility and helps to maintain a high level of subscriber satisfaction", says Kabel Deutschland representative Bernhard Fanger, Head of Supplier Management.