GIZ-101 is a Subminiature Eurostyle galvanic isolator. It has an innovative design and it`s easy to install thanks to an integrated fly-lead attached to isolator. GIZ-101 meets IEC 60728-11 Safety Requirements and Cenelec Class A ++ screening effectiveness is optimized within LTE Band.

Product information


Low leakage current for your safety

According to the standard (IEC 60728-11 sec 10 Safety Requirement@230VAC) the leakage current can be 8 mA maximum. Our leakage current is much less than required, only 2mA. Thanks to the low leakage current households can have several galvanic isolators in use at the same time without worrying about exceeding the maximum allowed.

HI-POTential means high voltage level and it is extremely important that high voltages do not break through. For example an insulation could break down causing excessive leakage currents. To avoid this from happening all our products are tested in production against much higher voltages than those that exist in real networks.