3D Line

The 3D Line consists of Splitters and Taps that are DOCSIS® 3.1-compliant with a frequency range up to 1218 MHz. Thanks to the superior housing design, the products are fast and easy to install. Optional BarrIER® technology allows ingress/egress protection.

Product information


Protecting soldered components from high temperatures

We use automated induction soldering meaning shorter exposure for high temperatures. This soldering technology guarantees higher products quality and leads to many benefits such as a better EMC performance.

Pure-ferrite design

Our Inter Modulation (IM) performance is reached with the "pure-ferrite" design. In practice it means less components and higher Mean-Time-Between-Failures (MTBF). Benefits are not limited to more robust quality because the pure-ferrite approach offers improved RF performance like better flatness as well.

Details matter

Our product dimensions are thought out carefully. For example in some countries like in Germany passives can be installed to an existing backplane.