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    HDU Home amplifier HDU Home amplifier
HDU home amplifiers are reliable two-way active drop amplifiers with outstanding performance. Products utilize the latest RF MIMIC technology that guarantees ultimate RF performance and long term-term reliability. HDU home amplifiers have local and remote powering options and they are easy to install.

Product information


HDU amplifiers provide an innovative future proof solution that utilizes the very latest RF MIMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) technology for ultimate RF performance and long-term reliability. The 1.2 GHz amplifier platform provides up to 8 dB gain with 8 dB equalization option. In addition, the amplifier has enhanced return and insertion loss, low distortion and incorporates the Multimedia Over Coax Alliance (MoCA) standard for optimum home entertainment networking.

The HDU amplifiers can be mounted directly on the wall or with an optional frame and cover. The optional cover can be customized with a logo. There is also a robust enclosure available for outdoor installations. Additionally Teleste can offer the HDU amplifiers equipped with BarrIER® technology.