OX3 - Compact Optical Node

OX3 is a compact 1.2 GHz optical node for deep -single- fiber networks. It uses a WDM to separate the down- from the CWDM upstream wavelengths. The downstream has Optical Level Control (OLC) and a high RF output amplifier stage.

Product information


Versatile benefits

The optical receiver/transmitter is integrated on the motherboard. Different split options are possible with the OX3K kit. The OX3R can be remotely powered either via a dedicated F-connector at the side, or via an unused RF Out port. This allows the use of the existing coaxial network for remote powering when migrating to a fiber network. The node can also be used for remote powering of the network connected to the RF Out ports. The OX3 includes an FSK slot for optional remote control of the ingress switches.