ACE8 Node

  • Teleste ACE8 - An intelligent 1.2 GHz node with one active output.
    ACE8 Node | Teleste Teleste ACE8 - An intelligent 1.2 GHz node with one active output.
ACE8 is an intelligent node with one active output. It offers high output level (CTB/CSO 117/118 dBµV) and supports 1.2 GHz/204 MHz bandwidth. Remote monitoring and control is possible via either DOCSIS or HMS/Catvisor protocol.

Product information


Designed for flexible, future-proof network installations, the ACE8 offers service providers cost-efficient access to high transmission capacity.

Sleek, yet robust

The ACE8 is a small, user-friendly node with intelligent features. With compact size and sleek housing the node can easily and effortlessly fit in European style street cabins. The advanced fibre organiser provides convenient location for fibre pigtails and protects the fibres against damage. Connectors and adapters are held in place in the fibre tray by universal type holders the ensure compatibility with variety of existing connectors and adapters.

Intelligent in operations

The ACE8 is part of Teleste’s intelligent networks concept that aims at reducing network operating costs while securing high service quality. The node is equipped with an intelligent transponder which enables advanced management features such as automatic adjustment and configuration. The ACE8 also has automatic ingress control to guarantee the quality of upstream signal. The intelligent features significantly reduce need for manual maintenance, and help cut down service outages.

Wireless configuration

The ACE8 can be controlled via an intuitive touch screen user interface for tablets. Remote connectivity is also possible via third-party applications through SNMP.  Included USB and wireless Bluetooth® connectivity makes the node easily configurable even on the site.

Teleste Commander for Android for local management

Teleste Commander is a local management application for Android smartphones and tablets. The application answers to our customers’ wishes for improved usability and enhanced possibilities for local management. Commander takes intelligent network management to a new level: The application uses wireless Bluetooth® connectivity for easy local device management via a personal mobile device. This version of Commander supports ACE8. Download the application in Google Play store.