Luminato FEC codec module

Teleste Luminato FEC codec module enables error protection and the correction of IP streams. The module is ideal when error-resistant, high-quality IP network streams are either received in the headend or delivered from the headend.

Product information

  • RTP/IP streaming with ProMPEG FEC CoP#3 encoding
  • RTP/IP stream reception with ProMPEG FEC CoP#3 decoding
  • Error correction based on ProMPEG FEC CoP#3
  • Supports both 1D (column only) and 2D (column+row) FEC streams
  • Recursive packet recovery

Wide supported matrix size range: L*D<=120

  • in 1D mode: L=1…20, D=4…20
  • in 2D mode: L=4…20, D=4…20

Stream monitoring with encoder:

  • Input packet format
  • Current bitrate
  • Calculated overhead
  • Calculated latency
  • FEC mode and matrix size

Stream monitoring with decoder:

  • Input packet format
  • Current bitrate
  • FEC Mode and matrix size
  • Latency
  • Valid packets
  • Uncorrected packets
  • Duplicated packets
  • Reordered packets
  • Discontinuity detection
  • Incorrect sequence number detection
  • Network jitter monitoring