Luminato EPG module

Teleste Luminato EPG processor module enables flexible EIT information gathering from different sources, storage space for EPG data, versatile configuration options for the output EIT stream and seamless multiplexing into the outgoing multiplexes.

Product information

  • Compact architecture compatible with Luminato chassis
  • Single EPG module can serve EPG data to all multiplexes of a headend
  • Full-featured EPG functionality (present/following and schedule for actual and other)
  • Storage database for EPG information to guarantee uninterrupted service
  • Utilises several EPG information sources (DVB stream, EPG data files, internet services providing EPG information and Teleste Broadcast Manager)
  • User defined EIT output profiles generation
  • Multi-language EIT support with priority setting
  • Numerous character tables support
  • Advanced tuning of event information repetition rates
  • Output EIT stream bit rate control