HDO204 Receiver

Quadruple receiver module with 230 MHz and DOCSIS 3.1 compatibility for fibre optic return path links in CATV networks.

Product information


Future-proof with DOCSIS 3.1 compatibility: 230 MHz band width makes the HDO204 fully DOCSIS 3.1 compatible and future-proof.

Cost-effectivity with packing density and low power consumption: In HDO204 the packing density is double compared to double receivers which brings savings in real estate and cooling costs. It is possible to fit 40 receivers with power back up in just 2 U. Power consumption is less than 2,5 W per receiver. High output level eliminates the need for external amplification, giving further space and power consumption savings.

Automatic set-up for increased reliability: HDO204 has an excellent automatic set up function for accurate and errorless return alignment.

HDO204 also shares all the general benefits of the HDO product family:

  • Reliable passive installation rack
  • Full remote management of all features using HDC100 Ethernet gateway
  • EMS network management
  • Convenient and reliable power sharing over multiple subracks
  • Optical connectors can be located at the rear or at the front panel