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Be more competitive by improving your skills! In today's world, working environments are getting more and more challenging and complex. Competence is an increasingly important factor for successful business. Take the chance to improve your company's expertise in Luminato, Docsis, Distributed Access, IP & DVB and HFC technology.
  • Free Teleste eLearning Course
    Free Teleste eLearning Course  Free Teleste eLearning Course

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The available trainings

video headend platform

Headend Essentials

A free Teleste elearning course to test your knowledge and enhance your skills on headends. On this eLearning course you will learn about: Linear TV delivery, Headend architectures, Video platform functionality, Headend key features.

video headend platform

Luminato operating training

This basic operating course includes: Luminato introduction, DVB definitions, PSI/SI-tables, content protection, IP and Video over IP, Luminato hands-on exercises. The course can be tailored to the specific requirements of the participants.


DOCSIS Access Hub training course

DAH customized operating training course tailored to the specific requirements of the participants. Examples of the training content: network types and topologies, OSI and TCP/IP models, network security,  binary and hexadecimal numeral systems, IP -  addresses – networks - subnets – routing,  system setup, configuration provisioning, throughput and feature tests.

Teleste ICON9000 Remote PHY Node

Distributed Access (Remote PHY) training course

Distributed Access (Remote PHY) customized operating training course tailored to the specific requirements of the participants.

Broadcast Manager 64bit training course

The Broadcast Manager 64bit operating course gives basic understanding on how to operate, maintain and monitor Broadcast Manager. Examples of the training content: centralized network management, regional Broadcast Managers, configuring IPTV, EPG data fetching and EIT special descriptors.

HFC networks training course

The HFC specialist training course is designed for HFC network operators and Service Techni­cians to learn how to monitor, measure, adjust and maintain live HFC-networks. The course combines theory with hands-on exercises to learn how to adjust and measure live HFC-networks. Examples of the training content: RFoG, designing and adjusting optical link levels and parameters, designing FTTH networks and using network management to rule your HFC-network.